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Path of Exile's Beginner Tips


1. Don't pick up every single item, especially near the beginning. I know that it is temping to pick up every item, either to use them or to sell them, but it's not worth it. The rate at which items get dropped is just too big to realistically pick up and sell each item. In the beginning, you should pick up items where you have nothing in the equipment slot. For instance, pick up belts if you lack a belt. After this, you should only pick up yellow items, because those are the most powerful early in the game.

2. Don't get intimidated by the skill tree. Even though it looks massive, it actually isn't that difficult to understand at all. Skill points that have similar effects are often close to each other, with an icon marking it. For instance, the Ranger starts with some bow-enhancing skills on the right side. It is generally a good idea to work towards that. The nodes in the tree that give you +10 intelligence, dexterity and strength are just 'connecting' nodes. You generally want to avoid picking these up as much as possible, as they're mostly useless. Also, try to focus a lot on getting health nodes on the tree, because you can't deal damage if you're dead.

3. Don't focus too much on one 'heavy hitting' skill. Sure, it seems nice to go for those skills that deal a lot of damage, but those are usually single-target or have a pretty small area of effect. You want to focus on getting a character with good clear speed. Good clear speed consists of attacks that hit a lot of mobs in as little time as possible. Now, you shouldn't think that a skill that just attacks a large area is automatically good, since you need to keep the "as little time as possible" in mind. This also means that you need to spend as little time as possible between packs of mobs, so you might want to get a movement skill as well (popular ones include leap slam, whirling dash, flame dash and mirror arrow. Leap slam is the most popular one, though).

4. Know your role. As a spellcaster and a ranger, you should try to keep your distance as much as possible from the enemies. If you can add some sort of crowd control to your attacks (freezing is quite good), you can stay alive longer. As a melee user, you should should try to dash/leap slam into the pack of enemies and do an attack around you.

5. Don't neglect your health and flasks. Like I said before, health is a very important resource. This means that increasing max health is a very good thing, so you can stay alive longer. However, you also need to keep your flasks in mind. Even if you have a ton of health, you will need a way to regenerate it when you take damage. If your flasks aren't good enough, you can run into a problem where you are regenerating health with flasks, but you still die because it wasn't fast enough. Also, you should use your flasks more in general. If you're running a character who focusses on dashing into packs of enemies, there is a big guarantee that you will take damage, and a flask can negate the damage quite nicely.

6. Know your skills. There are 2 types of skills in Path of Exile, active and support skill gems. As long as an active gem is linked with a support gem (gem slots are considered linked if there is a line between them). Preferably, you would want to get 1 active skill gem per piece of equipment, with the supporting skill gems boosting the active one and that you want to avoid getting a lot of skill gems that you barely use. There are 7 skill sources (head, weapon 1, chest, weapon2 (if dual wielding), pants, gloves, boots), and with 7 skill slots, it makes sense to put 1 active gem per piece of armor.

Written by TimmyTimmy123
 "name" : "Federico",
 "version" : "2.0",
 "Age" : "23",
 "description" : "Ambitious and eclectic person"


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