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Ideas for the Family
Hello everyone!

If you are here maybe you already know who we are, if not let me briefely introduce ourselves to you.

Quote:We are a community with members from all over the world.

We are based in EU, but we have members from USA, Russia, India and Australia too, so timezone shift is not a problem for us.

WAF project was made by a group of people that became friends and met first time online while playing,
we think that playing together should be a funny hobby to escape from life's routine and to make friends.

We are a family, but most important we are a community!

If you join us you can use our website and discord server to meet new people, play together, find tutorials, learn new things and new languages, start your own projects with other members and so on...

Everything you do in the family is important for the family so you will receive all support you need
either if you wanna learn how to play a game like a pro, either if you wanna know how to mod it or code custom stuff.

We are a network of people that share a common idea: gaming is fun, and it always should be.

This is why everyone is welcome in our community!

We have only one rule: be friendly!


So we always need admins, mods, devs, designers and whoever willing to help us grow and able to keep this community healthy and alive!
If you have any ideas or project that you want to share, you can share them with us here
 "name" : "Federico",
 "version" : "2.0",
 "Age" : "23",
 "description" : "Ambitious and eclectic person"


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